Hello! I’m Georgina, and I’m from Shropshire, UK.

I’m not a very girly girl; getting ready in the morning takes me about 15 minutes, or longer if I’ve accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with my eyeliner, which is something that happens more than I’d like it to but that’s what you get when you put on makeup with blurry eyesight (the thought of putting contact lenses in makes me feel all wobbly and faint though, so for now I’ll stay with the odd eyeliner stabbings).

That being said, I do like lots of pretty things, and will squeal and coo at any small animal, especially kittens…actually, just cats in general. Especially if they’re wearing a little hat, or they’re cuddling a little bear… *squeal*

Anyway, I could burble on and tell you all about myself in great detail, but as you’ve clicked onto this page you probably just want to read a few random things about me:

  • I’m quite short. I don’t know how short exactly, but somewhere around 5″2. I know several 13 year olds who are taller than me.
  • I’m a piano teacher, mainly to young beginners. My youngest student is 6 and my eldest is 14 and she’s also quite a bit taller than me, but not when she’s sitting at the piano and I’m standing next to her!
  • I’m a proud Adult fan of Lego, with a large collection of minifigures, animals, and even a Lego town that’s actually incorporated into piano lessons, so ya know, it’s totally for the kids’ benefits…
  • I’m also an Adult Fan of Colouring (which I hope isn’t the actual title, because AFOC isn’t very catchy), and I’m often found browsing the colouring books in Smiths, despite already having far too many.
I’m sure you’ll find more things out about me through my blog posts, but I pretty much just have a simple life, but as we all know there’s nothing wrong with a simple life.

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