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Spring Day Out: Powis Castle

Today was the first really sunny day of the Easter holidays, so we decided to make the most of it and go out. I love spending time with my family, so today was full of little things that made me smile!


My parents are avid gardeners, and I like looking at pretty things, so the first places we visited was a local garden centre.

garden centre


Powis Castle is a National Trust property in Wales, and I absolutely love how we can just hop in the car and within an hour we’re at a castle! It’s definitely a bonus of living in England, especially near Wales because Welsh castles are super pretty.

castle from below

Amazingly at Powis there are always loads of peacocks walking around, and they don’t seemed to be fazed by people at all; there were so many little kids running up to them and chasing them, but they didn’t seem to be annoyed by them ( I would have been!)

peacock 1

I managed to get up quite close to one without him flouncing off, and a little kid ran up next to me and squealed ‘I’ve never been this close to a peacock before! I’ve never even seen a peacock before! This is so cool!’ which was an adorable little moment. Happy little kids make me smile – bratty kids who are on wheelies around a historic castle make me angry…

bootsWe rambled around the gardens, that were disappointingly not very Springy – instead of blossom on the trees there was just lots of squelchy mud.

Me and mum started our annual ‘making heart shadows and taking photos of them everywhere we go’ which has become a thing we do whenever we go out; we have an adorable little collection of our heart photos!

heart on bench

I had such a lovely day today – it wasn’t anything particularly mindblowing, but it just goes to show how simple days out can be the most special days! ^.^


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