Smiles on Sunday

Smiles on Sunday: Mother’s Day Special

I’ve had a bit of a down week, so I don’t have too many smiles to talk about. Something, or rather someone, who always makes me smile when I’m down is my mum. I have no shame in saying that my mum is one of my best friends, because she is an absolutely incredible person and I can only hope that one day I’ll be like her. We always comment how we don’t really need to celebrate Mother’s Day because we see each other all the time and I’m always doing little things to show her how much I appreciate her, so I decided that this year I would just use the day as an excuse to buy her little cute gifts and make a cute little afternoon tea for her.

Also, because I like lists, I wanted to write three things that me and mum do that make me smile:

  1. Murder Mysteries. I’ve mentioned before how much I love a good murder mysteries, and something that I’ve always done with my mum is play murder mystery games on the computer. It started when I was about 10 and one of my friends introduced me to Nancy Drew games, where you play as Nancy Drew and try and solve a mysterious crime. They’re never too gruesome or violent, I mean they are aimed at kids, but all the little puzzles you have to solve are so much fun. It’s not really a two person game, but we enjoy solving things together and discussing who we think did it and why. Our gaming stopped for a few years while I was at college, but a few Christmasses ago I thought it’d be nice to surprise her with a brand new Nancy Drew game. Funnily enough, she’d had the exact same thought as well so we spent our Christmas holiday playing Nancy Drew games!
  2. Kirstie Allsopp. So, this is a harder one to explain. I can’t remember when it began, but for years and years we have always watched Kirstie’s crafty programmes together. It’s become a running joke, where we’ll buy each other little Kirstie items (I have a Kirstie notebook that will never be used because it’s too precious, and my mum has a Kirstie flannel), giggle over her inability to do basic things, and threaten to make each other Kirstie’s personalised tie-dye pants and socks for Christmas. Kirstie is definitely an in-joke between the two of us, and it never fails to crack me up.
  3. Putting the world to right. We can sit and chat about absolutely anything and end up being there for hours discussing random things and people. We have lots of heart to hearts where I tell her all my problems and worries and she helps me feel better and gives me advice. I honestly don’t think I’d be half the person I am today without her supporting me through everything I do.

I hope that if I have children, I can be as good a mother to them as my mum is to me.



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