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Why Sometimes Feeling Ill Makes Me Smile

A bit strange, I know, but sometimes I don’t mind being ill. Last night I had the most horrific stomach ache, so I decided I was going to snuggle up under my big fluffy cover, put on all my fairy lights, and watch New Girl *side note, I really wish Winston was real. I think I’d hug him and never let go though* Normally if I’d have done this, I would have felt that I should have been doing something else more productive, because I always feel guilty when I’m not doing anything. But feeling ill with a mushy head and an owie tummy gives you the excuse to sit and chill.

I’ve been feeling rubbish today as well, but it’s made me appreciate all the little things that accompany having a bug:

  1. Fluffy covers, fluffy socks, and fluffy dressing gowns. Basically, when I’m ill, I immerse myself in all things fluffy. At the moment, all my fluffy things are grey, so I kind of look like a little wolf who every now and then keeps coughing and groaning. I find fluffy things so comforting, especially when you feel really gross; it’s like a big hug from a cloud!
  2. Keeping busy. So, even though I said I use feeling ill as an excuse not to do something, I spent the majority of today doing lots of businessy things for our music business. Sometimes I find that doing things takes my mind off how rubbish I feel. Every time I’ve stopped being busy today I’ve just been sitting and complaining; if I hadn’t been doing something, I would have been complaining all day!
  3. My mother. There is no better medicine than love from a mother. Just a loving look, or a reassuring you’ll be okay makes everything feel so much better. She even made pancakes for me, which definitely put a smile on my face!

So, I guess it’s not the feeling ill that makes me smile (I’m weird, but not that werid!) but the ways in which I try and make myself feel better that cheer me up. I’m now going to curl up in front of the TV and do some colouring; two more things that make me happy! 🙂

*Also, let me just explain my featured image. I didn’t have a photo from today, so I chose one from my trip to the Bristol balloon fiesta last year; this photo makes me smile, because the holiday was so much fun!*


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