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Colour Me Happy

I’m sure you’ve all read about the recent craze of adult colouring, and all the benefits sitting down with a book and pencils can have on you. I’m not going to regurgitate all of the endless blogs telling you to colour; I’m going to tell you why colouring in makes me happy.

bears and pencils.JPG

  • Colouring relaxes my mind. After a busy and stressful day, colouring in helps me unwind. I find I sleep a lot better if I’ve been colouring for a while before I go to bed, as my mind switches off and the hundred million things I’ve been thinking about become overshadowed by thinking about pretty patters and colours.

    flat lay pens and pencils

  • Colouring calms me down. If I’m worried about going somewhere or doing something, I make sure I colour before I leave the house, rather than sit around and worry. I’d had a stressful driving lesson one week last month, and I was dreading my next one. Half an hour before I was meant to be leaving, I started colouring. By the time my instructor arrived, I was calm and ready to drive.

    colouring in action

  • Colouring allows my creativity to flow. Sometimes when I need to think up new ideas, I pull out a colouring book and start doodling. Soon enough, my mind will be full of exciting plans, and I’m ready to start writing them all down. I find it especially useful if I’m talking to someone and planning things. I don’t do well just looking at someone and discussing things; colouring lets me be busy without really being busy.


  • Colouring gives me a small feeling of accomplishment. At the end of each day, I like to feel like I’ve done something, rather than just slouched around. Most days I’m able to list my accomplishments or see the fruits of my labour. If I’ve had a lazy day just watching TV, I don’t feel slobbish at the end of it if I have a nice picture to show for my day. It sounds silly, but it just makes me feel better if I feel like I’m doing something, rather than just sitting. I’ve never been one to be able to sit and watch TV; even as a child I always had to be playing with something or drawing while watching the after school kids’ TV programmes. Throughout my years in education I would normally sit and do homework or revision in front of the TV, even when I didn’t really have to do anything, I’d just rewrite things in different colours, or reorganize my folders. After finishing my degree last summer, I haven’t had anything to do while watching Miss Marple or the trashy reality TV shows I love. Colouring has filled the void that finishing education has left.

    box of pencils

  • Colouring always makes me feel happy. Simple as that. Colouring always cheers me up, and that reason alone is reason enough to do it!

    colouring with charlotte

    There’s an hour every Monday when I have an extra music session with two of my sister’s students (who are also sisters); while one is having their piano lesson, the other is in with me, and then they swap over. These girls have quite busy lives, so over the years they’ve been coming their half an hour sessions have turned into a relaxation sessions; we sit listening to and discussing different styles of music, while doing some colour-by-music. They’re now at the age where they have lots of awkward teenage situations to complain about, so I’m often there to listen to them vent and complain, and to try and make them feel better. It must work, as their mother always says that they leave our house in a much better mood; that’s the power of music and colouring!

    colouring with jenny

I encourage everyone at some point when they’re feeling a bit down to pick up a colouring book and some pencils (make sure they’re sharp; there are very few things I enjoy more than colouring with a freshly sharpened pencil!) and sit either quietly or in front of your favourite film, and just colour. You will feel so much better, and you’ll have a beautiful picture to show for it. In some colouring books you have the ability to remove your pictures and use them as postcards or gift tags, so if you want your colouring to be turned into something useful, you have the option!

There are so many amazing colouring books out there now (I especially love Joanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest), so what are you waiting for?!

Make 2016 a happy and colourful year! 🙂




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