Smiles on Sunday

Smiles on Sunday

I’ve created my first draft of my blogging schedule. I say first draft, because it’s bound to change, but as I once read, the best blogs change and adapt to find what works best for them.

Bloggy Mondays
Three Simple Things on Tuesday
Wise Words on Wednesday
Three Simple Things on Thursday
Fun Fact Fridays
Smiles on Sunday

Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with this for a while, by being organised and planning ahead!

So, welcome to the first Smiles on Sunday! Each week I’ll tell you things that have made me smile or cheered me up during the week, in terms of:

Music, TV, Film, a little random thing

MUSIC: Broken Arrows – Avicci

This is such a good feel good song that just makes me wanna dance and release my inner rock star, especially in the instrumental sections. I’ve never really been a fan of Avicci, but after hearing and loving this song, I’ve been checking out some of his previous songs and they’re all so upbeat and lovely!

TV: Death in Paradise


Now, I’m a fan of murder mysteries. I’d love to sit knitting with Miss Marple, watch a magic show with Jonathan Creek, and just admire Sherlock as he did his thang. Sometimes though, murder mysteries can leave you feeling a bit uneasy as the murderer was a horribly vindictive person, and the storyline was creepy and sometimes a bit too incestuous (I’m looking at you, Agatha Christie). Death In Paradise, however, never fails to make me stupidly happy. Yes, there’s a death (if you’re lucky, sometimes more than one) but because it’s set in paradise and they never really dwell on any nitty gritty gross deaths, it’s just so happy!

One of my favourite parts is at the beginning, when it’s revealed that someone’s been murdered and the ridiculously upbeat music instantly plays. It’s just like, SOMEONE’S BEEN SHOT BUT THE MUSIC MAKES ME THINK IT’S ALL GOOD SO I’LL JUST DANCE ALONG.

I recommend this programme to anyone; it’s not particularly gross, sad, or creepy, or anything you’d normally associate with murder mysteries. Sometimes the murders are even fairly justified; there have been plenty of times I’ve thought the murderer was in the right! Just thinking about this programme makes me so happy; I’m such a Death in Paradise fangirl!

FILM: Iron Man


I’ve not really watched a new film in quite a while. If I’m in the mood for a film, I normally just put on something like Toy Story or Shrek, because I’m a massive kid. This week, I’ve watched a few new films. Well, they’re not new new, but they’re new to me. The best has been Iron Man. I know – I’m very very late to the superhero film party! Is that even the name for them? Marvel films? I dunno. I need to learn more about them. I decided it was time to try watching them, mainly because I wanted my friend Sophie to think that I’m cool.

I was a little bit dubious that I’d like it, because I don’t really like action films. I was totally wrong though, because I loved it! The enjoyment was enhanced by asking my boyfriend stupid questions (like ‘why is Sherlock Holmes not solving a murder?’ ‘Is he going to do some ironing soon?’) and eating a bag of mini eggs (they make anything better), but even if I’d stayed quiet and had no snacks I would still have really liked it.

It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try watching new things; I’m now looking forward to watching all of the other Marvel films, rather than just re-watching old kids films and rom coms over and over again!



Oh my god, I love them so much. I can’t remember where I first saw them, but I knew straight away that I needed one in my life. I have it sitting on my piano, and I change the little message every week to a cute little quote or thought. It always makes me smile when I walk past it; I can’t really explain it, it just makes me feel all warm and cosy inside!


I think it’s always good to look back on the week and think about the little things that made you happy; if you feel that you’ve had a rubbish past 7 days you can always prove to yourself that not everything was bad! Even if they were little things, they’re still important.





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