Three Simple Things

Musical Smiles

So, I missed my three simple things on Friday yesterday, but it was for a good reason; my sister and I spent all day filming our first ever music video, and then we had our Friday night music groups, and by the time my day had finished at 10pm I just crashed out and went to bed. So, this post will combine a few special smiles from Friday, and then a musical treat.

  1. Mini Eggs. Some people complain that festive seasons like Easter and Christmas arrive in shops too early, but I’m one of those people who absolutely love it. I bought an Easter egg during the first few days of January and was so excited! My favourite chocolatey treat is mini eggs, so when I first saw them in our local shop I stocked up on them. Side note: Mini eggs are bound to make quite a few more appearances as little things that make me smile in the lead up to the Easter.
  2. Singing. There have been so many studies showing how singing is good for the soul, and how it can make you feel better emotionally and also improve your health; I’m a massive believer of this. A rubbish day can be completely turned around by having a sing-a-long to your favourite songs, and during the few minutes the song is playing you can forget about all bad things that life has thrown your way. I spent the majority of Friday singing and even though in the end I was absolutely exhausted it made me really happy!
  3. Having long hair. Sometimes it’s an absolute pain, but on the odd occasion when I have a good hair day, I absolutely love my long mop. I really like it when it’s slightly wavy, and I’ll spend ages plaiting it so it’s the right amount of waviness the next day. Friday was a fantastic hair day and every time I saw myself I couldn’t help but admire my hair and smile to myself.
So, this is the music video my sister and I created on Friday. We normally just record stationary videos, so this was a first for us – using different angles, shots, and close ups. It’s not perfect, or high quality, but it was definitely a learning curve and hopefully our next one will be even better!


Hope you had a fantastic Friday, and a superb Saturday! I’ll be back on Sunday to introduce my new series of blog posts 🙂


3 thoughts on “Musical Smiles

  1. I’m really enjoying these posts! As well as encouraging me to think more positively, I like seeing the little insights into your life~ (also, I feel the same about mini eggs. Polished off a bag today, oops!) xx


  2. Mini eggs are the best! Probably one of my favourite chocolates, I could eat them one after another and not get bored… which probably isn’t a good thing…. oh well! Looking forward to you posting again 🙂 xxx


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