Three Simple Things

Simple Things | Thursday

Today was very productive day, full of smiles!

  1. Business meeting at Costa. I was a Costa newbie, but when my sister suggested having lunch there and discussing our next music video I was intrigued to see if I’d like it. I absolutely loved it, and my delicious mozzarella and tomato panini made me very happy and all our exciting plans definitely put a smile on my face.
  2. Hot chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in a few days, so I thought I’d treat myself with a Galaxy Hot Chocolate. It was definitely a treat and made me feel all warm and happy inside. I find it really fun actually making the drink, because you have the build up: waiting for the kettle to boil, and then stirring the chocolate…that smell is the best smell ever. Mm mm mm!
  3. Death in Paradise. Okay, so at the time I’m writing this, Death in Paradise hasn’t actually been on yet, but since I woke up this morning I’ve been looking forward to it so much. Throughout the day my mind just goes Eek! Death in Paradise later and I smile to myself. It makes Thursdays better I’ve always been a believer that Thursday is the worst day of the week and I think it’s pretty much the best programme ever, but then I’m a massive fan of murder mysteries, so I’m probably biased!
So, today was a simple, but good, day full of little things that made me smile. Hope you all had a terrific Thursday too! 🙂

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