Three Simple Things

Three Simple Things | Tuesday

Today was quite an annoying and tiring day, but I still managed to find three little things that put a smile on my face, and thinking about them cheers me up.

  1. The birds were back! It’s been so windy here for the past few days, and we had to take down the bird feeders in our garden because they looked like they were going to fly away. Everything was still today, so we were able to return them to the trees, and straight away our resident birds were back. I loved seeing them, and because it was quite sunny it felt like Spring was in the air.
  2. My new Lemon Bon Bon hand cream from Patiesserie De Bain. It smells so yummy and makes my hands feel super soft, and while a stressful phone call to infuriating phone service provides argh was really pushing my buttons, I had hands that smelt and felt pretty.
  3. Making new plans. Me and my sister brainstormed some new ideas for our music videos, and I’m really excited about trying everything out. Planning, organizing and brainstorming make me so happy, because I love knowing about things in advance and having everything in its place. I can’t really explain it, but writing out plans and ideas gives me such a fuzzy warm feeling inside, and I get to use my nice notebooks and pretty pens, which is a bonus!
Not particularly exciting things, but that’s the point; they don’t have to be. Just simple things that make you smile, and during quite a rubbish day these three things lifted my mood.
What were three things that made you smile today? 🙂

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