Happy Little Things

So, last week I painted my nails bright blue. I mean, bright blue. I was fed up of the miserable weather that greeted me every morning when I opened my curtains, and I wanted to do something to cheer myself up. I looked down at my dark grey nails that had been painted the previous day to match the weather and my mood because of said weather and decided they had to go. I scanned through my nail varnishes…sparkly red? No, it’s like I’m clinging onto Christmas.  Black? No, I’m trying to stay away from depressing colours. Speckly eggs? Not yet; wait until it’s slightly closer to Easter before I start accessorising with mini-eggs. I then noticed my bright blue, pushed to the back and not worn since last summer. Before I knew it, my nails were as blue as…a very blue thing. Throughout the day I kept noticing them dancing around as I went about my daily routines: while squeezing out my toothpaste, tapping on my phone, and putting up my umbrella I couldn’t help but watch my bright and cheerful nails.

Why is this important? I realised that every time I noticed my nails, I couldn’t help but smile. Little things like watching them type on my laptop just made me happy. Even when emailing a tricky parent, my mood didn’t dip- my hands just looked so happy!

This little thing, the colour of my nails, was such a minor thing in the grand scheme of life, but for a few hours it made me so happy, which is something I don’t think should be taken for granted. Thinking about how something so simple could have such a positive affect on my mood made me decide to start acknowledging all the little things in life that make me smile; this is why this blog was born.

So, my challenge to myself, and to anyone else who wants to join in, is to find 3 things every day that made me smile. They can be small things like ‘I wore a really nice necklace today, and every time I saw my reflection it made me smile’ or big things like ‘I finally finished that craft project I’ve been working on for weeks’.

I have a notebook ready to fill up with my simple little things that make me happy *side note, stationery is something that makes me really happy, so I apologise in advance for all the stationery love that will be happening on this blog*, and I plan to start tomorrow.

I hope that my blog will inspire others to stop for a minute and appreciate all the little things that make them happy.

Life is full of little moments of happiness that shouldn’t be taken for granted or overlooked.


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